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The Guildford Theatre School was established by Anna McNamara to provide a creative learning experience that focuses keenly on the acquisition of skills and the pursuit of excellence.

Mission Statement

The Guildford Theatre School is a Guildford based school providing an excellent training in theatre. As a school we value good practice; placing a strong emphasis on outstanding teaching and learning.


Your child is at the centre of our values.

The Guildford Theatre School exists to provide a holistic education, nurturing the individual as well as their talents. Value for money is important to you and to us and your child will be inspired and motivated by our highly experienced, industry trained, fully qualified teaching staff.

We actively promote positive discipline, engagement and confidence. Small class sizes, the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications and regular performances ensure that your child is set to succeed.

Guildford Theatre School is actively committed to promoting the wellbeing of young people. Students who enjoy a sense of belonging are happy students. Our students are happy students.

‘Above and Beyond’

Guildford Theatre School exists to promote commitment and dedication. We firmly believe that these principles, based on a solid bedrock of enthusiasm and enjoyment, can and will lead to enhanced participation and achievement for young people.

It goes without saying that children should enjoy participating in activities and feel safe in their environment.  However, we are devoted to ensuring that a child truly thrives and excels in all that they do.  Excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand and the expectation of high standards breeds success.

As professionally trained performers and highly experienced teachers, we understand the importance of the completion and achievement of nationally recognised qualifications.  Individuals strive to fulfil high standards when they are given clear goals to aim for.  Specialised training and regular performance opportunities enhance this development and encourage progression further.

We believe passionately in the pursuit of excellence.  We assert that through application and commitment an individual can achieve extraordinary things.

We whole-heartedly believe that it is these core values and simple guiding principles that will help each child be the very best that they can be.

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