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GTS Juniors, Inters and Seniors

Gold Course
The complete package!
All five disciplines each week for just £350
per term. This is the equivalent to just £7 per lesson.

Silver Course
Your choice of three disciplines each week. Choose any three classes from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Singing and Drama for only £240 per term. This equates to only £8 per lesson.

Bronze Course
One weekly lesson, in any discipline of your choosing, for just £90 per term. Choose from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Singing and Drama for only £9 a week.  Want two disciplines?  Just book two Bronze courses for £180 a term!

GTS Infants

Musical Theatre Hour
Singing, Jazz Dance and Drama for just £90 a term.  That’s three disciplines in one class for just £9 a week.

Infants Dance Class
Tap and Ballet for just £90 a term.  That’s two dance classes in one for just £9 a week.


Fees are payable by the first day of each term.  Please note that we do not accept cheques.

To set up a Standing Order or online payment please contact the Guildford Theatre School.

For all pupils, payment of fees is termly at the beginning of each term.  All fees and charges must be paid by the second Saturday of each term by bank transfer or cash.  Overdue accounts that remain unsettled by the end of half term are subject to interest being charged. If the fees for any pupil remain unpaid at the end of the term in which they are due, the Guildford Theatre School reserves the right not to permit the pupil to return to the school.  This does not terminate the liability of payment of any remaining outstanding fees due to the Guildford Theatre School.