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GTS Infants – 4-8 years


Saturday 10-11am, 11am-12pm (Trinity School)

Singing, dance and stories are used to teach young children to actively and imaginatively explore, develop and improve movement, voice and communication.


Saturday 11.30am-12.30pm (Beverley Hall School)

A fun, engaging and inspiring class, combining half an hour of ballet dance and half an hour of tap dance.

Musical Theatre exploded onto the art scene at the beginning of the Twentieth Century and as a genre it immediately captured the hearts of people worldwide.  Nobody is immune to the power of a musical.  Whether you are gripped spellbound by the songs, held enthralled by the dance routines or simply adore the magical weaving of the plot the musical has something for everyone.

From the earliest age we connect with the songs of the Sound of Music, are touched by the magic of the Wizard of Oz and fully believe in the world of Mary Poppins.  But when and how does this enchantment begin?  It begins with the first time a young child hears the captivating melody of a song and is shown how to sing along.  Actions enhance the understanding of the lyrics, the music and the meaning, bringing the audio experience to life in a tactile and kinaesthetic manner.  Storytelling then brings the musical experience fully into context so that young people can relate to the characters and completely engage with their situations, developing empathy and understanding.

Ballet will benefit both the mind and body of your child.  Ballet promotes discipline whilst developing poise, posture, flexibility, strength and balance. What small child is not immediately captured and charmed by the classical Ballet stories The Nutcracker or Coppelia?  Ballet is a true storytelling art form, where techniques informs communication and the charm begins from the very first time you put your own ballet shoes on.

Tap is an exciting and instantly rewarding dance style for your child that strengthens and conditions whilst improving rhythm and coordination in a fun environment.  From the moment Fred Astaire first clicked onto the silver screen Tap has had a unique and universal appeal.  The process of mastering rhythm, coordination and balance coupled with developing the strength and poise this discipline demands is an immediately rewarding experience. Tap has enjoyed a remarkable performance history and this is drawn on in lessons to enhance and inform a truly multi-sensory learning experience.