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We want your child to learn in a creative, disciplined and professional environment.   This begins with uniform.  The uniform is simple and inexpensive:

  • Guildford Theatre School, Guildford Youth Theatre or Guildford Summer Youth Project T-Shirt and/or Hoodie
  • Black Dance Trousers, Tights or Leggings (Tights for Ballet)
  • Black Shorts or Tracksuit Bottoms (Boys)
  • Black or Burgundy Leotard (Skirted Leotard for Infants)
  • Black Jazz, Tap or Pink (Girls)/Black (Boys) Ballet Shoes (Pointe shoes for Seniors only)
  • Exercise/stretch band (Dance only)

Branded uniform items, including t shirts, hoodies, drawstring bags, tote bags and water bottles, are available for purchase from the Guildford Theatre School each Saturday during term time.

All dance uniform items are available through our online store: http://gts.mydancestore.co.uk/

In the interest of health and safety jewellery is not permitted other than discrete stud earrings and hair must be tied up.

See our students in uniform on our You Tube channel.